Make new clothes out of the old clothes

Make new clothes out of the old clothes

Making new clothes out of our old clothes is easier than it seems and it is also very good for your budget. Besides it is fun to create new clothes out of your old ones. It is very surprising that you can create a dress out of your old T-shirts. You can create shorts out of your jeans or modern t-shirts out of your old fashioned t-shirts.

Here are some methods on how to make new clothes out of your old clothes Wear your t-shirt as a dress ,take of the sleeves put the sleeves inside the dress one by one and voila you have you new t-shirt dress.cut the collar of your shirt. Trim your t-shirt in the shape of a heart and sew a colored fabric at the back. Cut off your jeans in order to make shorts out of your jeans.


Cut the legs on the sides and sew pieces of lace on both sides. Decorate your jeans with beads afterwards.You can also sew the laces on the legs of your jeans if you dont like shorts.
You can make new clothes out of old fashioned clothes.


Take your old fashioned jeans and rub sandpaper on the legs of your jeans. Scrape your jeans on some places and stain it with colored fabric marker. Take an old shirt and decorate it with colorful beads on places you like. You can do it on the collar or on the sleeves.



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