How to make new bags out of plastic bags?

How to make new bags out of plastic bags?

Bags are essential for a woman. We all love to use new and different bags. Besides the bags are one our daily needs. Most of the women spend huge amounts on bags.


Now we will find out about creating bags without spending money at all. Yes you can believe your eyes . It is not a joke and you only have to use the supplies at home. We all go shopping and collect many plastic bags at home. All you need is these plastic bags, a crochet and your own creativity.


Fold the plastic bags for two times in half. Cut both ends of the plastic bags. Cut the plastic bags into 5 cm strips. You need to prepare as strips much as you can. Tie your strips together. Make a ball out of your knotted strips. Now you have to knit your plastic yarn as if  you would be knitting wool. Afterwards you need crochet yourself a chain for your bag’s handles.  And this is all you have to do for creating yourself a new bag out of plastic bags.


You should prefer colorful plastic bags if you wish to have a more colorful bag. You can design yourself a hand bag,a vanity case bag,an evening bag,a bag for your children’s toys,a huge bag for your plastic bags  or anything you can dream of. It is up to your imagination.


You can make bags for your friends as a present,too.





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