Make Yourself Copper Wire Hangers

Make Yourself Copper Wire Hangers

Always simple, I’ve always been a fan of wire hangers. Because they combine minimalism with enough material for usage. At the same time it is also great to be able to create a satisfying aesthetically clean lines. Pretty simple and designed perfectly, but we can make a small decorative detail in fact unnecessary to look a lot nicer to play on them so.

Recently my wardrobe without a wardrobe tried to withhold the part of old and worn, brought into the open a clothes hanger. There are many good aspects to do it. I’m easy access to parts that I use quite often and provided a fantastic view! But one of the requirements is to have an open and orderly wardrobe remarkable group needed to suspend. Previously the board, I tried factory made plastic and coated board and straps, but never did not like the attitude of bravado outlines many plastic hangers in size, it’s different in terms of shape and color. The straps are coated at the factory to comply in any way to my taste are the tarzd. Wire hangers are quite smooth and sophisticated at the same time is also quite easy editing.

Clean the wire rack and place it on a newspaper to paint with spray paint.

Suspension with spray paint to paint beautifully on the one hand, let it dry and then paint the other side.

Before it reaches everywhere the paint after painting one side to the other side and make sure it is fully dry. If you turn to literally paint dry on the other hand, it will stick to the wet part newsprint and this will remain suspended on the image.

Check to make sure you never miss a lot of paint to suspend and continue until you paint the entire suspended.


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