How to make clean your converse

How to make clean your converse

How to make clean your converse

Step 1. Remove laces

Step 2. Throw on some OxyClean Max Force Gel I just put on a decent amount and rubbed it all over. Added a little more elbow grease to the especially dirty spots. Holy Moly! I have mentioned before on Snapchat how much I swear by this little bottle of Heaven’s tears. I have removed dirt, ketchup, wine, blood, and everything else known to man from VERY nice pieces I own. It is a MIRACLE product.

Step 3. Throw into washing machine on quick wash or delicate. I added two towels to protect the shoes and the machine from getting banged up from the flying objects.

Step 4. Let air dry. I put mine on my porch for a few hours during a breezy day and they were ready to wear the same night. I dried the laces in the dryer because I wasn’t too worried about them shrinking.

Step 5. YOU’RE DONE! That was the worlds easiest/laziest way to clean your white converse.


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