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How to make clean your converse

How to make clean your converse
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How to make clean your converse

Step 1. Remove laces

Step 2. Throw on some OxyClean Max Force Gel I just put on a decent amount and rubbed it all over. Added a little more elbow grease to the especially dirty spots. Holy Moly! I have mentioned before on Snapchat how much I swear by this little bottle of Heaven’s tears. I have removed dirt, ketchup, wine, blood, and everything else known to man from VERY nice pieces I own. It is a MIRACLE product.

Step 3. Throw into washing machine on quick wash or delicate. I added two towels to protect the shoes and the machine from getting banged up from the flying objects.

Step 4. Let air dry. I put mine on my porch for a few hours during a breezy day and they were ready to wear the same night. I dried the laces in the dryer because I wasn’t too worried about them shrinking.

Step 5. YOU’RE DONE! That was the worlds easiest/laziest way to clean your white converse.


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