How to make a candle out of the mandarin shell?

How to make a candle out of the mandarin shell?

Everyone loves decorative candles and likes to use decorative candles at their home. It has never been easier to make decorative candles.

You only need olive oil, a mandarine,a lighter, a rope, and olive oil for making a mandarin


candle. Cut the mandarine take of the fruit. But be careful the shell must be taken out in two halves without being torn apart. Make a hole in one half of the shell while you keep the other half. Put the rope through this half and pour a little olive oil to the other half. Light the rope with your lighter ,close the lid. Now enjoy your perfect mandarin candle.


Plants,fruits and leaves have been used for preparing aroma theraphy for years. Inhaling                 these essences have been used for physical and psychological well being.different essential oils have different effects on the human body .


Here are some of the popular aromatic oils and what they are used for. Bergamot oil is used aginst depression,anxiety,anorexia,infections and eczema.


Chamomile oil is use as an antibiotic and antiseptic. It is used for urinery and digestion system. Besides it is a good mood lifter.Rose oil is used against depression ,anxiety,heart problems and circulation. Peppermint oil is used against irritation and redness. Mandarin oil increases your mood and shifts negativity. Your mandarin candle is an aromatic candle. Aromatic candles have been used since 14 th year.  Use aromatic candles for decorating your home or increasing your mood.




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