How make beautiful jam?

How make beautiful jam?

The other eye of the stove when you prepare a meal in another jam, do not cook at the same time. Because the smell of other food directly into the jam will sin.

When you prepare and taste of jam careful not to use a type of aluminum pot then definitely do not want to change the color of both. In the bottom of the pot with enamel will turn your jam. So it is best pot of jam making in copper pots.

If you choose to make a slight smell of fruit jam and you want to increase the strength of the smell of cinnamon into a jam, you can add vanilla or lemon peel. You can add apple jam, especially the lemon peel into the vanilla cranberry jam, cherry jam with lemon peel walnuts, well into the grape jam, you can add vanilla or lemon peel.


Apricot or to easily disperse the delicate fruits such as plums or bekelt in all of the fruit to spoil at least 5 minutes. If necessary, you can add scale to 1 teaspoon carbonate into the water up to 1.5 liters for 1 kg of fruit.

To understand whether he was ready to drop your jam jam on a clean plate, spread the jam does not show if the drops of dish is ready to jam.

Never take your bottles to jam jam is still hot. Because if you do it will come up in the fruit juices and syrups part will remain on the bottom side.


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