Make an antique corner at home

Make an antique corner at home

Many people have an antique corner at home, because they love antique furniture and they are addicted to the past and they love stuff coming from the past. These people collect old stuff from their family,friends,bazaars,garage sales and internet to build up their own space filled with antiques or their own antique corners.


Many people collect antiques bequeathed by their family as reminders, decorate their homes with this objects or arrange a special corner for these antiques.Evaluation of antiques is very difficult and there are many criterias about antiques the age they are from,whether they are handmade or machine cut. Paint is also an important criteria to set the value of the antique furniture. The tree which the furniture is made of also an asset. Maple,oak,walnut,cherry or mahogany are popular trees for furniture.

Now about how to reevaluate your old stuff : You can use your stuff for different purposes. You can create book shelves out of your old piano. You can also use your piano in your garden for decoration. Plant some flowers in your piano. Creating an aquarium out of your old fashioned tv.

Nostalgic furniture is a life style for some people. They can not give up the old styled antique furnitures. Nostalgic furniture is a combination between past and present for antique furniture lovers. People love to decorate their home with old fashioned or antique furniture or they prefer to decorate their home with antique vases, lamps, chandeliers and ornaments and laces.



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