Made from Old Jeans Skirt

Made from Old Jeans Skirt

It is not a remote possibility to create your own trend. You have plenty of options to create new things from old clothes. Just create modern styles yourself for the construction of the old denim skirt. Leave your desired size and color denim skirt made in advance aside.

Found a worn pair of jeans. As long as the state of the bottom of the upper part of the sound is not very important. You can use the knees and legs ripped from worn with jeans.

The measurement is based on the length of a skirt and a cross in the style you want.

You can add increased the hook for cutting the gap in between the legs of the denim fabric in an appropriate manner. As an alternative to the construction of the fabric of the jeans skirt, leather or take advantage of the different materials.

Sewing be done where you can combine a professional planting. With the bottom of the skirt basting and stitching machine able to make a smooth appearance.

If desired, you may be able to create your own design on the skirt made from old jeans and style. Let’s give you a few tips; you can bring the desired consistency by adding lace to the hem of the skirt length. With either type nubuck leather or a material can use the same view with a different shape.

You fix the waist pants for men may also be possible to create models that you can use to cut up to knee height.

Creating new strap skirt, to develop an appropriate style fashion possible. The rear part of the fabric that you want to suspend or jeans kuan braced as you can, or even suspended.


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