Lampshade Made of Lace

Lampshade Made of Lace

Materials:  Old lace veil or motifs, white glue, scissors and balloon.

Before you inflate the balloon, you attribute his mouth tightly. You thoroughly with a brush in order to place the feeding of white glue on your lace. You repeat this process until all the lace over your hand. Lace covered balloon that you expect to sit to dry thoroughly in a round container, this may take several days. After being sure to dry your lace, you lace you apart from the balloon. And you can extract the balloon to blow lace. You correcting the mouth of cutting with scissors. Your first title was even ready lampshade ladies. Now to the second lace lampshades making technique. 8 tablespoons of corn in a saucepan, cook the potato starch, wheat or until the custard consistency with 2 cups of water. Put your mixture into your prepared chill lace cloth, and knead until it takes the whole pudding. Shape around a container of your choosing with custard soaked lace to provide a cool, well take the shape of the container. Leave to dry lace you make a kind of starching. Once dry take your lace captain, you have a second lamp shade was easily prepared. The last technique is said about ladies lace lampshades samples. Coast remained in the corner towel borders, paste pique your lace border edges and help you prepare for similar works silicon simple lampshade over your existing ones. Starting from the top order pasting continue to be many times until the end of your lampshade title.


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