Knitting TV Blanket

Knitting TV Blanket

Greetings you all!

I have good news for the knitting ladies for today! Because, today I will mention about knitting TV blanket which is very useful and easy to knit.


Some people have mostly some favorite belongings that they like to use and never split up. Tv blanket is not a blanket for TV, it is a blanket for the people who would like to cover themselves while they are watching TV. Therefore, it has more meaning when they hug the blanket in winter time when the house is already cold.


Therefore, TV blanket and some same kind of belongings used at home have more meaning than furniture and other stuff at home.

A TV blanket is usually not so expensive but not so cheap as well. It has an average price. But not matter how much it is, anyway we will knit our own designed knitting TV blanket. Therefore, we will need below materials to knit our own designed blanket:



  • Knitting needle
  • Suitable kind of yarn (amount and type of yarn will be decided as per the model that you would like to design)
  • A Pattern or a sample to follow for our model

If you are ready, you can check our pictures in this article and search in the web for more alternatives. Idea is from us, project is from you!



Hope you can knit this TV blanket and you can improve yourselves for further projects. We will continue to give you more ideas for other knitting projects.

Happy Knitting,



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