Knitting Today

Knitting Today

Knitting is a very old hobby, which was popular for over centuries.  At the beginning knitting was a necessity for the human being because pret a porter was not very common on those days. Everyone remembers his/her  grandmother knitting on their chair. Maybe it is only a memory for some of us, but there are also many of us who still knit with pleasure.

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Most of the woman do it for their children or grandchildren. But there are also woman especially house wives ,who do it for the support of their budget.

Since knitting became popular again, the introduction of knitting supplies has also changed. We used to buy knitting supplies at small stores. Nowadays most of the department stores have many options for knitting supplies.

There are different versions of knitting supplies. There are sets designed for both grown ups and children sold in boxes or lovely packages. These sets are preapered for different difficulty levels. You can stitch a teddy bear, a pullover or a blanket. It is very joyfull for your children to create their own toys. This activity supports not only the imaginary skills but also the manual skills of the children.

People used to buy knitting books decades ago.

Nowadays the options are increased. You can still  buy knitting books with easy and detailed applications. They can help you with anything. You can knitt a sock, a blanket or a dress.

You can also surf through the internet if you prefer social media to books.

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