Knitting otholder

Knitting otholder


Greetings! As you know, kitchen is very important for us ladies! We always try to do our best for our kitchen I mean as decoration and cleaning. Some of us use pictures or photographs on the wall; some hangs handmade wooden trinkets and etc. All women want changes in their kitchen because they spend most of their times in this place. Therefore, these ladies would like to do some touches in their kitchen are always open for new ideas. Especially handmade things are more attractive for them because they are cheap and originally homemade.


Today, I would like to give you an idea in order to do some touches in your kitchen which will beautify your kitchen. Yes, it is knitting potholder. All of us have pots in the kitchen and often use it every day. So, are you ready for some small changes?


I like knitting and I trust my taste and designing talent. So, I knit this knitting potholder for myself. It is really nice to me! And believe me you will like and use it lovely.


We will need only below materials for a knitting potholder:

  • Knitting needle
  • Mercerized, woolen or another kinds of yarn
  • Pattern to inspire before knitting as sample model


After getting all these materials, we are ready to knit our own knitting potholder. In order to give you visual information, I pasted some pictures on this page. After you finish it, you will not need gloves or other holders. This is your own holder!


Happy Knitting!



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