Knitting Indoor Shoes

Knitting Indoor Shoes

Hi Dear Ladies!

Today, we will continue to knit the best alternative daily usage materials! I would like to present you the knitting indoor shoes for both women and men!


We use slippers at home for daily use. But when we go to visit our friends’ or relatives’ houses we take our new shoes or special slippers with us in order to wear at home. Therefore we need to buy this kind of special things to be more chic when we go for visits.


For the people who would like to save money or not to spend money for this kind of things, you can knit your own indoor shoes if you trust your knitting talent or if you are eager to learn how to knit! After you finish your project, you will understand what i mean!


We need below materials in order to design our own knitting indoor shoes:

● Knitting needles
● Pattern to inspire for our shoes to use a sample
● Woolen or mercerized kind of yarn (you will decide the amount of it because it depends on what kind of model you would like to knit)


If you are ready you can start designing and knitting your own indoor shoes. I am pasting some pictures on this article for your information. Also you can search for more alternative models in the internet.

Happy Knitting,



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