Knitting Door Trim Made

Knitting Door Trim Made


Hi Dear Followers! Happy Sunday to all of us! Today, I would like to inform you about interesting knitting door trim!

As you know, knitting has an important place in our lives as ladies! Therefore, when someone talks about knitting, we care and pay attention. So, this article will be very important for you.


The ladies like knitting all the time rarely spend their money for trims and some handmade stuff at home for daily usage. Because they usually knit what model trims they would like to design and use at home for their daily usage. As you can increase the models and kinds of handmade arts, today is totally different that we have never tried to do “door trim” which sounds really exciting to knit.


This is not only about do it yourself project and also it is about designing your home. What you would like your guests to see when they come your home, you can design it and show them your talent!


All you need is below materials:

  • Knitting needle
  • Door trim pattern
  • Suitable yarn

If you would like to buy it from stores, these kinds of home decorative trims are really expensive. So, you will save your money and design what model you like. Also, you can check my pictures attached on this article for more information. Furthermore, there are numerous models in the internet, you can use them all in order to inspire before you start your own model.


Happy knitting!


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