Knitting Dolls for Kids

Knitting Dolls for Kids

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Today’s subject will be about knitting! What we can knit and for what we can use them! Knitting dolls for our kids will be our main subject as I will try to explain you in short.knittingcrochet

As you know, you can create your own world by knitting. It is very common and easy way to fix your needs with your kind efforts! Therefore, you should knit practical things which you will need and use at home! Ladies prefer to knit women things and kitchen things because they mostly need these things. But, for today, I will attach some pictures on this article and give you the recipe of it and thus you will have been designed and knitted your own dolls for your babies and children!


Before we start, you need to have below required materials:

  • Wool: 4 ply wool – any two colors
  • Knitting Needles: 4 mm needles or above (USA size)
  • Stuffing: any washable material
  • Tapestry Needle: to sew the sides and facial features


You need to have a pattern of the doll that you would like to knit. It will work and make you relax while knitting. Also, you can search on the internet for other models and other kinds of the dolls for your children.


Hope you will like the models that I pasted as pictures from my friends on this article. For further projects, I will be working on them in order to share with you.

Happy Knitting,



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