Knitting Coffee Cosies

Knitting Coffee Cosies

Winter time has arrived, so it is time to keep yourself and everything around you warm. Knitting coffee cosies is fun ,keeps you motivated for winter. And is a great hobby for any time.


You can also give your friends or family members coffee or tea cosies as presents,so they can remember you while have their morning coffee. The cosy will keep their coffee or tea warm for long time .You can also create funny cosies for your friends. For example a cosy with moustache for your boy friend.


Now you will read about how to knit coffee cosies and besides not an ordinary but a special one. This will be a pink cosy with a heart on it ,which will make a perfect valentine’s day gift. For this cosy you will need 4 mm knitting needles and pink yarn.


You should knit between 21 and 24 stitches. And the length of your work will be about 4 inches. After knitting your coffee cosy you need to sew a heart on the coffee cosy in which color you wish. But keep in mind that white goes well with pink. For a more funnier look sew buttons on the heart and do not forget to engrave xoxo.


Knitting jobs are very fun to do besides they are very good and helpful for your family budget. You can knit for relaxing and more possitive motivation. You can also knit little gifts for your family ,friends ,for the loved ones.



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