Knitting baby dress free from new pattern

Knitting baby dress free from new pattern

Knitting baby dress pattern we present the Great dress pattern for Tunisian girls to your liking.

Great dress design for girls, Tunisian technique is preferred in the tip of the skirt with heart detail and processing. You can choose the color selection and ornamentation detail you want. The video narration is presented in detail. It’s the crocheted dress model you can easily make.

You can choose the baby dress model rope selection in winter and seasonal. You can choose cotton or cotton rope. It is a dress model that you can easily use with the choice of clothes into long sleeves in winter. Hope to be together again in the new knitting models goodbye.

Knitting baby dress pattern ironing job baby dress model

2 wool rope used cotton rope selection is preferred.

No. 4 Tunisian crochet selection

2 buttons

Use of 1 meter ribbon

First, let’s pull 70 chains and pull a noose out of each chain. Let’s get 70 loops back in total. We’re patting it down. Let’s Draw 2 knits and 4 chains and make patırcık and continue to the end of the line. The skirt has a heart detail. You can watch the video narration for the detailed construction of the model. We wish everyone who will do so well.

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You can apply the knitting baby dress model by watching the video narration here.


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