Knitted Scarf Trends In 2016

Knitted Scarf Trends In 2016

Knitted Scarf Trends In 2016

Scarves are the best accessories for the winter; you can wrap them around your neck or simply put your scarf on your shoulders. In both ways, they are protecting us from the cold air and completing our clothing. They are even better when they are knitted. Knitted scarf trends in 2016 are all great and they seem like they are going to stick with us for a while.


The Classic Scarf with a Geometrical Touch

Everyone has the classic knitted scarf, but in knitted scarf trends in 2016 even the classic knitted scarf is futuristic. The classic knitted scarf comes in a more geometrical shape.

Elegant Scarves

Knitted scarf trends in 2016 are bringing back the worsted with different shades of one color. These scarves are looking very elegant.


Giant Fluffy Scarves

These tasseled giant scarves are very trendy in 2016. They will be protecting you from the cold weather and cover you from head to toe.


More Giant Scarves

These giant scarves are looking like they own the knitted scarf trends in 2016. These scarves are made with different knitting techniques and with different worsted. Best part about these scarves is that they are coming in many colors.


Ombre in Knitted Scarves

Ombre as trend owned the fashion, since the day it came out. Ombre is even coming in knitted scarves too. It can be used in different colors, starting with a darker shade and fading to a very light shade of that color.


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