Knitted Gloves Models

Knitted Gloves Models

Knitted Gloves Models

We need knitted gloves in the cold winter days. There are many different styles for gloves.


Needle Mittens

Needle mittens cover our four fingers and they are cold-proof. The problem is for needle mittens that you may not use your fingers freely.

Baby Thumbless Mittens

You can made baby thumbless mittens for your little baby. These mittens will protect you baby from cold and from his/her finger damaged to his/her face. You can do the baby thumbless mittens in different funny style for your baby.


Broad Street Mittens

If you want to use your fingers freely the broad street mittens are very useful. While your fingers are protected from cold you can use your fingers freely and no need to remove your knitted gloves and wear it again. The using these kind of mittens are easy in cold winter days.


Chunky Piano Mittens

Chunky piano mittens are useful gloves for cold winter days. You can not wear your fingers into knitted gloves however the gloves protect your hands and from cold. In addition, you can use fingers freely. You can design them in different colors. You can knit them for your fingers or for your little child fingers.


They really like it due to move their fingers freely. If you put some funny design on their gloves they will enjoy with their mittens. In this way, you can protect your child hands from cold air and they can enjoy as well. You can design cat, elephant or any other funny characters on their gloves.


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