Knitted Boys Baby Sweater Free Pattern

Knitted Boys Baby Sweater Free Pattern

Knitted Boys Baby Sweater Free Pattern – Crochet

Greetings from Greetings to all of you, We continue with seasonal patterns in beautiful spring months. This time I tried crochet job a full-season baby boy sweater. We always hope that you will not be with girls, but you will like our sweater which we have shaped in line with wishes. I
used close to two baby wools for my 1 and 2 year old sweaters. And in accordance with this, a crochet between 2 and 3 numbers. You can adjust your age according to your age using your body panel.
According to the body chart; we pulled the chain in cm at the size of the body width and continued with the razor technique. And we went straight without a straight line until we came to the arm. I just put the model in the front part of the chest, but you can even do all the modeling in the front. We knit collar and arm tires afterwards. The number of rows can be changed to be relevant to your eye taste.
The model is compatible with all ages. You can also learn about a 7-8 year old boy as you would a newborn baby.
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I say to friends who want to make it easy already and I thank you for your nice comments and sharing.


Knitted Boys Baby Sweater Free Pattern – Crochet VIDEO

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All detailed pictures of the construction of the knitted male baby sweater model are shared below. It will be enough to click (touch) to view the large state of the pictures.


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