Knitted Bikini Styles

Knitted Bikini Styles

Knitted Bikini Styles

Knitted clothing are everywhere, even bikinis are knitted too. Lovely knitted bikini styles are looking authentic and bohemian; it is very cool to carry them. What is beautiful about these knitted bikini styles is that they are really easy to do. There are a lot of knitting motives to knit bikinis and they are all looking fabulous.


Simple but cool

Less is more, simple is cool. Minimalist knitted bikini styles are cool and sophisticated. You can choose your worsted and knit it as you like. As long as you keep it simple, you knitted bikini will be cool.


Decorated Bikini Styles

Knitting your own bikini is cool enough, decorating your knitted bikini will be even cooler. You can use big buttons to show off your great knitted bikini or you can use some ribbon and make your knitted bikini more stylish.

Complicated Strips

With the help of thin knitted strips, you can make your knitted bikini more complicated and stylish. Using knitted strips complicatedly will draw attention to your upper body. Thin knitted striped knitted bikinis are one of the coolest knitted bikini styles.



You can use colorful thin worsted to make yourselves fresh and fun looking knitted bikinis. Whether you choose pastel colors or powder colors, your bikinis will be great.


White and lace looking

White and lace like knitted bikinis are romantic and innocent looking. These knitted bikinis are very attractive, with no doubt. As well as they are fabulous knitted bikinis, they can also be great as longline bras.


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