Knit a baby hat pattern – baby-faced hat

Knit a baby hat pattern – baby-faced hat

Knit a baby hat pattern – baby-faced hat
We will use a white rope for the floor, and we will need a second color to weave the ears. You can taste a bit of a turquoise thick rope of iron, and you can even evaluate the threads that are in your hand. The crook is a number 2 crochet in the appropriate thickness, you will use the crocodile number will change depending on the ipe. Pre-stitched the floor of the beret. You can find his narrative in the name of a straight bicep from our previous videos. With the second color, we cover the details of the ear and sew it in an ear with two round pieces. Then we cover the eye and nose details. These are small and easy motifs. You can design the expression in different ways depending on the demand. In the last stage we make the mouth part and fix it by sewing the parts in place. I mean, it’s all ready to have a bow at the top of the hill.

Baby, Boy, Adult, Beret and Hat Size Chart

Bebek, Çocuk, Yetişkin için Bere ve Şapka Ölçü Tablosu


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