Issues to be Considered while Breastfeeding

Issues to be Considered while Breastfeeding

Now, I am having the best and the most excited period in my life! I got a baby and I still think, this must be a miracle! This is really so inexpressible situation that I cannot find the best words to express it to you! I know the mothers who have already babied can understand me easily.


I had really careful period before I had baby! I had always cared what I ate and did sports and daily walks. Of course, I completed all exercises before the parturition! And finally, I manage to have my baby in my arms without any problem!


As we mothers should be careful about what we eat and drink in a normal day. According to the specialists, a mother burns 700 calories as a result after a daily breastfeeding. That means, if we get these calories by eating, we rapidly gain weight. Therefore, we need to have 200 calorie from our body, and 500 calorie outside I mean by eating.


For the nutrition in pregnancy period, we as mothers must eat fish at least 2 times in a week. And also, we must eat at least 1 egg in a day for high quality protein which is one of the most important issues for a pregnant woman! On the other hand, the pregnant women should be aware of better nutrition. I mean you should avoid yourself from solid lubricant (butter) and you should use sunflower or other liquid forms.  That means, you should not prefer the fried in oil, you should absolutely prefer the cooked in the oven or boiled forms of the meals.


In this pregnancy period, you should prefer to eat egg, meat, dried fruits and dried legumes. And you can often eat these. Tea and coffee should be after 30 – 45 minutes from the meals. Also, please do not forget to use lemon on the meals made of meat. After eating meat and chicken, specialists say that the body needs to have Vitamin C. You can have Vitamin C from orange, tomato and mandarin.


If you do and perform as I did during my pregnancy period, you will have been done the best for your baby before born. Hope you will have perfect babies! Happy days with your children!


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