iPod Cosy Tutorial

iPod Cosy Tutorial
Hello 🙂 all in Blogland…
I hope you have all managed to follow the Magic Loop knitting tutorial… I am so addicted to this method of knitting, I think I will have to design lots of patterns for you to see how great it is… 🙂
I decided to start with something pretty easy and quick to make…something that you can whip up in no time, and will make a lovely gift for someone…
So enter the iPod cosy! In reality, the cosy is a small version of a little bag, so if you don’t have an iPod, make the “cosy” a bit bigger and voila!, you have a work in progress bag, a little girlsboys library bag (my girls weren’t allowed to take a book out of the library without their “library bag”…)… the applications are endless 🙂 Just use your imagination friends…
I made one of these little iPod cosy’s for my swap partner… hope she likes it…I know she loves the colour purple…
Speaking of the swap…we have had a lot of people wanting to join…thank you folks! We are so happy to have you… Linda and I have sent out partner details via email…please contact your swap partner, find out what they like, dislike, enjoy as hobbies etc, that way you also meet new people (hopefully friends 🙂 ). And another small thing…we want you all to have a good experience with this swap…your way to add a little love and appreciation to someone else’s life…please don’t be worried or anxious about your swap gift…do what comes from your heart, and I know it will be appreciated 🙂
Well…onto the cosy…
iPod Cosy

Heidi Bears©

We are living in the iPod era, and young and old are using these wonderful devices for listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts etc…I love listening to audiobooks while pottering about the house, but didn’t like holding the iPod in one hand while doing other things with the free hand…so I designed an iPod cosy, that hangs around your neck, and keeps both hands free! It can be made from fabric, knitting, crochet and the embellishments that you can add are endless.

This pattern is for a knitted iPod cosy.


Circular knitting needle sized 3.75mm with a cable at least 80cm long.
DK yarn in a colour of your choice.
Tapestry needle for sewing up ends
Embellishments of your choice to decorate your fabulous cosy!

Using Judy’s magic cast-on (if you are not familiar with this cast-on method, please visit here, and here, for a step by step tutorial), cast-on 42 stitches (21 stitches on each needle).

Using the Magic Loop method of knitting, knit 44 rounds (rows) or until the cosy measures 11cm in length.

Place your iPod into the cosy to see if it fits comfortably.
Cast off all stitches. Cut a piece of fabric 24cm long by 9cm wide.
Cut a piece of iron-on interfacing 24cm by 9 cm.
Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the fabric in half, right sides facing, and sew up on either side,
using a 0.5cm seam edge.

Fold over the top edge of the fabric pocket, by 1 cm, and iron flat.

Insert the fabric pocket into the knitted cosy.
Use a needle and sewing thread to sew the fabric and knitted edges together.

Cut a length of ribbon in colours you like. The best way to determine the right length is to drape the uncut ribbon around your neck, until both sides are long enough for your cosy to hang at a comfortable distance.

Apply a small amount of Fray Check to the ribbon ends to prevent them from fraying. Sew the ribbon ends to the sides of the top of the cosy. Then sew two pretty buttons over the ribbon attachment.

Your cosy is done! Now decorate and embellish it to your heart’s content!

Hope you enjoy…
Have a great evening !
Lots of Love,
Heidi 🙂


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