Interestingly Vase Making

Interestingly Vase Making

We have a very sweet suggestions for those who want to make it his own design in our gallery. Pretty and practical construction of a flower made with readily available materials, we share with you. After all design steps to ensure that you get inspired to stay in your imagination. Whether you flower design lion rabbit if you want if you want to design pencil. Self did not end the imagination of the world Welcome to the world of design. Let us all together this gallery.

Follow the steps we will talk soon we’ll get a result we offer our çiçekliği. Let’s start with gratification.

A bottle, the things that we need a paint and felt tip pens in which you prefer to use. Does the place is okay. Of course we have prepared the flowers into a well.

First, after the split with the help of bottles is roughly scissors, we transfer the outline of the pattern we want with our felt-tip pen.
Once plastic bottles to reach the figure we have outlined, we apply more cutting.
We use the painting process of our prominent figures of bottle.

After the paint is dry, we are referring to our bottle figure we choose with our felt tip pen.
After placing the flowers we put into our corner of our favorite sweet vase.


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