Interesting Girl Dress Sewing

Interesting Girl Dress Sewing


Now, I would like to handle interesting girl dress sewing models for you all! This is an important subject for me for today. Because, nowadays, I notice too many different interesting girl dress models around when I hang out.

As per your choice, there are several models to be used as sample when you decide to sew a dress for your girls or for your friends’ girls as a gift which will be more meaningful and acceptable if you are talented on this issue.


As you know, girl and boy dresses are usually more expensive when you compare them with adult dresses. So, it is really economical and better way to design it on your own for daily usage or for the presents on special days and events.

I attach some pictures for your information to inspire and start your own work!

Let me mention you about some tips about sewing a dress:

First of all, you should aim or imagine a dress in your mind or in your samples. And then, you should draw a pattern for it. Afterwards, you should get the width and length sizes in order to create a decent work!

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By an assistance of a sewing machine, you can design below dresses for your girls:

  • Flywheel dress
  • Balloon skirted dress
  • Appliqued dress
  • Strapless and strapped dress
  • Two-ply dress


You can increase the models as per your experience and aspects. Or what kind of model dresses that you would like to design, please never forget that “You are free to design”

So, let’s start! Good Luck!


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