Interesting book marks

Interesting book marks

Creating book marks is very popular hobby for every one. It is fun ,easy and motivating for you and for your children. Book marks are very useful when you are reading.

Making book  marks is not as hard as it seems. You can try different styles when you are creating book marks. You can knit yourself a book mark. Or you can use fabric or paper to create book marks. When you are making a book mark for your child you can create a book mark with animals ,monsters or cartoons.


You can use designs from the internet for making your own book mark or you can also draw your design and color them ,if you wish. You can also knit yourself a bookmark in a shape you would like to use. Maybe a flower or a leaf…

Here are some steps on how to make easy book marks. Here is a list of your needs before you start creating your book mark. You need pieces of wool ,ribbons or strips,scissors ,paper,glue and punch for your book mark. Take a piece of paper and fold it into two pieces. First draw your picture on the paper or you can print out your design from the internet. Then cut out your design to create your book mark.  Stick your paper on both ends. So the paper will get thick.Punch your paper and get your ribbon or wool through the whole. Now you your new book mark. Enjoy reading!



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