Infant Nutrition

Infant Nutrition

Infant Nutrition is one of the most important issues for the families who have a baby! Specialists state the nutrition styles and ingredients as per the months and ages of the infants.


For 0 – 2 month old infants, breastfeeding is the fundamental nutrition during this period. Technically breastfeeding must be done every 3 hours in a day. But practically it is very hard to realize for the mothers. Usually, breastfeeding is done when the infants need. Besides, Vitamin D drops should be given to start. This will be very beneficial for the infants in this period.

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For 3 – 4 month old infants, as the first choice, breastfeeding must be chosen. It should be given when the infant needs and wants. If breastfeeding cannot be operated, prepared food should be chosen for the infant feeding for 4 – 5 meals in a day. Also, in addition, seasonal fresh fruit juices can be given to the infants in this period. The fruits must be fresh, well washed and on time before preparing the juice.


For rest of month old infants, the nutrition styles mentioned above are valid and also you can add some pap and raise the amount of prepared food given to the infants. You can buy prepared food as famous brands’ productions or you can prepare fresh food at home.


Please do not forget that infant nutrition is very important case for the health of infants. If there is a wrong style on choosing the right meals, it can cause different health problems in future of the children.



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