How to stop your rugs from slipping?

How to stop your rugs from slipping?

Most of the people have rugs on their living rooms or other rooms . These rugs can become very dangerous especially when they slip. You can break your arms or legs if you fell down Here are some key points on how to stop your rugs from slipping. You can not stop your rug from slipping,if your rug does not have a rubber back. There are different methods to try for stopping your from slipping. Put a thick felt rug pad,which has a rubber back,the rubber back of the pad will stop your carpet from slipping.You can also try carpet tapes .These carpet tapes are double sided stick one side to your carpet and the other side to the floor. There are also anti slippery mats for your rug. They are sold in different colors and lenghts. You can cut them in the right size you wish. You put the anti slippery mat under your rug so your rug will not slip again.
While buying yourself a new carpet choose the right carpet model.
Take care of any allergies, make sure your carpet is easy to clean.
Everyone uses different methods to clean the rags. You can clean your rag with using regular white soap and a cloth or a brush. Some women prefer special products, which only for rug cleaning to clean their rugs.Rinse your carpet with make it shiny.You can also wipe your rug with vinegar and it makes your rug shine.


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