How to spend funny time at home?

How to spend funny time at home?

Playing funny games with your children makes you and your child spend time together. Whether you are a working mum or a house wife you need to spend enough time with your child and playing games is the most important part of it.Most of the mum’s have not enough time for their child ,because they are really hard working or they have to do too much work at home. But a.woman should not forget that having contact with mum is the most important part of a child’s life. Playing funny games like twister,taboo,hide and catch at home makes your child happy.

There are many children’s games. Some of them are from our grandmother’s age. These are games like hide and catch. You games with your child like twister,taboo,guess who is it,the sit down and stand up game ,pictionary or the hot and cold game.

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  You can  have fun at home while playing with your child. You can cook together witb your child. Playing games,watching animations,growing plants,painting together can change your mood or your child’s mood. Activities like these are very funny,relaxing and motivating for both of you. Talking about your child’s dreams is also a good activitiy to know your child and it’s world. You cam have little costume parties at home. Let your child dress like his/her hero. So that you have got  more idea about your child’s.  world. Besides you can play easy games like hot and cold for  describing objects.




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