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How to paint Sneakers?  

How to paint Sneakers?  

Usually, in the summer of never give up the gland located between shoes now, we will also find the possibility to add color and richness. Also most likely to wear and deform because it is more than able to meet this way in a short time with negativity.


For this reason, cloth shoes in terms of being more convenient and can apply some method to be able to have a chance of long-term use. Or shoes will be able to convert over to make small changes and make it more stylish. That is the only color such as white or small choices we make play very easily. Imagine white canvas shoes. On top of that very nice with a lot of great patterns or create footwear accessories we are in the hands.


First, we will make the paint thoroughly and fill with newspapers into shoes. Apply pattern will start to draw with pencil or pattern figures to be perfect. If we can color in the dying stages of the design that is evident now with our favorite colors.


Also, colorful and dazzling colored flakes with the aim to obtain a shoe can save sometimes differ with beads and lace. When you dilute the paint if you use fabric paint to look the other tricks as well as more vivid colors and patterns is a great way to take place on shoes.


So that the fabric is more easily included in the fabric. Another method you can combine multiple fabric paints in the colors and you will get a very pleasant tone.


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