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How to make mobile phone straps?

How to make mobile phone straps?

Today mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. So importance of the accecories for our mobile phones are indeniable.We can buy our mobile phone straps at stores or we can create our own mobile phone straps. The mobile phone straps will make our look phone prettier and they are also reminders for not forgetting our phones. Mobile phone straps make it easy to carry mobile phone straps.

Now get ready for the main subject how to make mobile phone straps. You can use colorful beads to create your mobile phone strap use a lanyard at the end. By making mobile phone straps you can use different accecories like metal or plastic funny objects to hang on your strap.You can also knit or crochete yor strap with colorful wool or crochet yarn.You can also use ribbons and make perfect mobile phone straps.

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Here are some very interesting and beautiful mobile phone strap designs. You can use glittering stuff ,some beads and a little message bottle to design a mobile phone straps. You can also use glow in the dark material for your strap. You can also sew a teddy bar ,a rabbit ,a cat any animal you like and attach it to your strap. You can design anything out of clay,attach it your mobile phone strap,but do not forget to use a lan yard at the end of your strap to fix it. Or you can also tie  a cow hitch at the end of your strap.

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