How to make a pillow out of your old shirts?

How to make a pillow out of your old shirts?

For making a pillow out of your old shirts you will need the following supplies. A clean ironed shirt,pillows,sewing maschine pins and scissors.
And right now you will find about how to make pillows. you have to start your with an ironed,clean shirt .First cut off the sleeves of your shirt. Then turn your shirt inside out. Pin the bottoms of your shirt in order to mark the parts you will sew. Cut the excess of your shirt leaving 1 cm at the sides. Now your shirt is ready to sew. After sewing it turn your shirt inside off. Unbutton your shirt and put the pillow inside the shirt . And Voila your new pillow is ready. Enjoy! You can create different pillows with different shirts.

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You can create other cool pillows too. Pc lovers can create pillows with alt ,ctrl ,del pillows for example, which look just looks like the keyboard of your pc. For expressing your feeling with ecomotion ,you can create ecomotion pillows. If you are a scrabble fun you can create yourself letter pillows and put them on different sofas. You can create rock shaped pillows for children who love camping or playing outside.
Or create yourself a buttoned big pillow which makes you remember your boy friend pyjamas and give your pillow a big hug and just feel like hugging your boyfriend. You can also create animal shaped pillows for your animal friendly child.

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