How to make a pattern of a women’s vest with a crochet

How to make a pattern of a women’s vest with a crochet

Knitting patterns that never get old from the past to the present are among the types of knitting vest patterns with motifs. Our women’s vest pattern with motifs was also prepared with the combination of the warmth of the ancients and today’s vest models.

We like it very much, I hope you will like it too. In describing the example of a vest with a motif, we gave answers to many of your questions in the video, such as how many cm is the length of the women’s vest, what should be the price of the women’s vest Pattern, how many ropes go in the vest models.

Women’s vest models are among my favorite knitting models, crochet women’s vest models and two-decker women’s vest models are among my most preferred types and I want to wear them constantly, knit.

I used one batik rope and a few black ropes for our motif vest Pattern. You can choose the number of pieces according to the size you will make and the color preferences according to your taste.

You should choose according to the thickness of the rope you are using as a crochet. The most important element is that you knit comfortably. I used a crochet number 2.5-3 according to my ropes.

We can apply our pattern for all ages. It will be enough for us to adjust it in accordance with the size of the child or adult body.

I am adding the related tables to the bottom as a link. You can use the measurements in the tables both in this study and in different studies.


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