How to make a handmade easy crown

How to make a handmade easy crown

Today we are together with a self-help project. We have prepared a crown of satin fabric. Easy crown making from satin fabric. Evaluating the work and labor is the main feature of those who love products. Today we have come up with a beautiful work in which you can evaluate old piece fabrics , crown wires, the decoration of which is deformed. In fact, I can say that it was a good study where you can earn money not only for evaluation purposes.

The materials we need are a piece of fabric, tac wire , ribbon, needle, thread and silicone. That’s all. You can access all the construction details by watching our video. After that, you can use it, give it as a gift, sell it and make money.

There are many self-made works on our website. You can also get different ideas by browsing these studies.

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