How to make a Crochet Round Vest Pattern

How to make a Crochet Round Vest Pattern

We came up with a very beautiful crochet Pattern today. We can evaluate our pattern in many areas such as cover, quilt, blanket. We’ll choose to use it as a vest Pattern in the coming times.

As a material ;
We should choose the rope suitable for the knitting we will make and use the crochet at the number compatible with the rope. I used a cotton wrap rope considering the vest I will make in my pattern study.

If you say why is the rope winding, you know the increasing rope prices. Recently, I have been able to choose wrapping ropes rather than paying extra money for brands and labels. I would also recommend it to you
As for the construction ;
We start with the ring we created by pulling 5-6 chains. We make 16 triple handrails inside the ring we have created. And we complete the sequence.

In the next row, we continue by making a handrail on each loop twice and removing it at a time. So that the decoupage is in two chains. In the next row, we continue by making our handrails in the gaps of the chain and closing the two handrails at once again. This time, the intermediate dec are five chains. In the last row, we complete it so that there are 3 frequent needles, 3 chains and 3 frequent needles.
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