How to make a baby blanket pattern

How to make a baby blanket pattern
How to make a baby blanket pattern

You can make a two-color blanket pattern with baby wool, which is very easy for crochet lovers. Knitting patterns with video narration provide a lot of convenience for our ladies. Easy and narrative videos provide convenience for our friends who are just learning about handcrafts.
Blanket patterns are among the handicrafts that are quite common in baby knitting. Knitted blanket patterns are used almost in four seasons. By choosing the rope selection according to the season, thin and perforated samples are more useful for the summer, while velvet rope and thick threads are chosen for the winter months.
You can find a wide selection of different knitted blanket patterns on our site. It will be enough to click on the link in our article.
Making a blanket pattern with baby wool
You can choose the color you want, you can get an idea by asking where you will buy the rope brand.
Provide a suitable crochet selection for your hand and thread
Let’s pull chains as much as the size of the braid you will knit.
Let’s make 1 row of handrails. Let’s pull 1 chain and sink into the first chain, let’s make a tight needle, let’s complete the order with a tight needle like this.
Let’s fix the second strand from the edge and pull 1 chain, let’s make a dense needle to the first chain, change color each row and apply 4 rows of frequent needles. You can also make blankets, vests, bags, etc. knitted with favorite colors. To watch the rest, you can watch and watch from his video narration .. Let it be easy ..
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Making a blanket pattern with baby wool

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