How to feed your baby?

How to feed your baby?

Feeding the baby is the first step of your baby’s health,because your baby’s development depends upon feeding. From the birth to 4 months give only breast milk to your baby and avoid formula.

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Between 4 and 6 months you can breast feed or bottle feed your baby.


There are some signs showing ,whether your baby is ready for solid food or not. The baby can hold his/her head up ,gains weight,makes motions of chewing by moving tongue, is interested in food.


Between 6 and 8 months you can feed the baby with breast milk and solid food. Fruit ,vegetable purees,meat can also add lentils,beans,chickpeas to your feeding list. Also cereals like oats and barley are agood choice. You can feed your baby with unsweetened yoghurt.

Between 8 and 10 months you can give small amounts of cheese. Mashed vegetables and fruits is a good option. You can offer small amounts of pasta, scrambled eggs, crackers, potato and bagel.

Between 10 and 12 months add combo foods to your list like macaroni and cheese.


And here is a list for feeding suggestions for your baby. You can give pureed vegetables like squash ,potatoes,fruits like apples,bananas,peaches or meat to your baby . Follow by mashed and cooked vegetables and mashed or fruits cut into cubes. Liquid cereals is another option.  If your baby doesn’t like the food you offer, wait for couple of days before offering a new food. Be more careful if your baby or your family members has a history of allergies.



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