How to Dye Golf Balls Yourself || KIN DIY

How to Dye Golf Balls Yourself || KIN DIY

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Lest you think we’re phoning in a rehashed Easter craft, know that there’s actually a very practical purpose for dying golf balls! When dad is at the driving range or on the course, help him easily identify his golf balls from the countless other white ones sailing across the green. Our DIY producer Robert Mahar has pulled together this simple tutorial for a fun Father’s Day gift.

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How to Dye Golf Balls Yourself

Materials and tools:

Golf balls
Rit liquid dye
Glass jars with lids
Tongs or spoon
Rubber gloves
Paper towels

[Helpful notes: It goes without saying — dye stains! Protect your work surface with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth and protect your hands with rubber gloves. We used the following Rit dye colors: Golden Yellow, Tangerine, Evening Blue and Scarlet.]


1) Measure 2 cups of hot water and approximately 2 teaspoon of liquid dye into each glass jar.

2) Immerse golf ball into dye mixture using tongs or a spoon, cover tightly and shake to mix.

3) Check color frequently, the longer the golf ball remains in the dye mixture the darker the color. When desired shade is achieved, remove golf balls, rinse and dry with paper towels.


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