How to do steam cleaning?

How to do steam cleaning?


Steam cleaning is the question of how confusing if you think you can learn all the details of the following information. Steam cleaning is also very reliable and particularly hygienic method for hard floors.

The design is carried out by hand or vacuum cleaner steam cleaners. It is simply trying to do the cleaning without the need for detergent and water.

If you want to use the steam cleaning detergents refer to the instruction manual of the machine.

Wood, PVC, metal, ceramic and vinyl surfaces, especially for steam cleaning of all surfaces. Steam is dry as soon as water is different. In transactions with steam cleaning, rinsing and drying process it does not need to be done. Therefore, hygiene and allows you to save time.

Fill water tank with tap water off the device Install the cleaning head. Depending on the model of the steam engine warm up time can vary between 1-2 minutes. Steam settings automatically, while some models, and some models have gradually.

After setting the appropriate steam power is applied directly onto the stain. Microfiber towels, different apparatus such as high pressure end brushes and allows you to make efficient cleaning on any surface.


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