How To Decorate Crown

How To Decorate Crown

One of the accessories worn by women and girls in particular are fondly crown. Some simply want to use some different uses in different making decorations. Various fabrics with the ribbons, beads of, the cheerleaders, felt, tulle and it is possible to decorate the crown with different methods that we can count many more like lace.

The material can be made with a number of easy crown moldings. It also can be done in much more elegant ornate crown. For example, I tried to explain by giving a few examples. We teyelliy length of 50-60 cm 10-15 cm near lace or fabric clippings. Go up sewing is finished we plant thoroughly combine the two ends.

Sewing and aligns them to thaw on and off the fabric. We are sticking with the ornamental crown buckle silicone adhesive we do. Persistent bead of silicon on the lace any other in the house you can put the pieces stick as deformed plastic flowers.

I want to give another crown decoration model. What do you say to crown decorated with a felt fabric? It felt fabric paints a way we want to put two coats. Heart, daisy, etc. We want to use the heart shape. We plant a tiny tiny margin after drawing the shape of the seal. Cross stitch sturdy upright and we will also be felt as well as a beautiful image. We plant to remain open part. After planting operations in the rest of the fibers put a little flip side of the fabric are stitched shut. Fiber shape will make it very clear will ensure more uniform. Figure is finished gluing the crown will be made to decorate the finished crown.

Crown ornament of some sort is very suitable to produce an accessory. Those who can not choose to wear the crown. Crown tip may sound a bit harsh for some skin behind the ear. Especially headbands or bandanas for babies and for those who can not choose crown adorned in performing the same operations.


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