How to cleaning refrigerator?

How to cleaning refrigerator?

The most practical information about how you can read the following line refrigerator cleaning. With these ideas, you can make a very short time in the refrigerator cleaning.

Thoroughly wipe the shelves shone with all the vinegar and bay water. Vinegar is to ensure that no smell of food. You can place food after drying shelves. It should not be wet the closet shelf. Damp can cause rapid deterioration of the fruit and vegetable shelves.

Oil bottles, beverage bottles and sauce is flowing to leave stains in the fridge. These types of things you should clean spills quickly. Another part is the most contaminated door handle. You can delete doors carbonated cloth with vinegar. None of vinegar bacteria cleaning with water does not occur. Therefore, especially places where the food is absolutely like a refrigerator must be cleaned with vinegar and water. To clean the refrigerator detergent can damage your food and your health.

The refrigerator is more hygienic and a few slices of lemon to avoid smell of food can keep in constant shelf. Lemon is better able to see through your closet smell. Also, if you keep carbonate, put into a bowl in the refrigerator, you can see that there is no bad smell.

Freezer section on ice or frozen foods are stuck, you can pour a little vinegar resolved.


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