How to Cleaning Microwave?

How to Cleaning Microwave?

The easiest cleaning method using the microwave in just 3 minutes you can microwave your shining brightly. It would be easy to clean your microwave could not even come to mind. By spending just three minutes with less material will be clean and hygienic manner both will brighten.

All you need to clean your microwave oven; 1 lemon, a cup of water and cleaning cloth. All the materials are products that can be found in your home. Therefore, you will be clear without breaking your budget.
Getting started with cleaning the microwave, tighten the lemon water in the container first. Add the shell in the water.

You prepare the mixture in the bowl, cover with microwave place into the oven. Run your microwave at high for 3 minutes.

Then wait for 5 minutes and the fullness of time, open the door.

Remove all apparatus and shelves in the microwave.

Finally, wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth.

After performing these operations, respectively, as the first day you will see your microwave clean. If you do this regularly, you can use your microwave clean and hygienic.


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