How to clean shoes?

How to clean shoes?

Sports shoes before to regain a clean and fresh smell like new, remove the insoles and laces from the shoes.
Then you grate into a clean bucket or basin and then add soap and clean water that melts. Then add up into carbonate and 3-4 tablespoons of this mixture for at least half an hour in the shoes of the water.

Then clean and thoroughly clean your shoes with a soft brush or sponge. Apply rinse after cleaning. Repeat at least 3 times to rinse application. Do not forget to change the water at all times while rinsing. Then put your self-excess water to drain shoe in a clean place. If too much water this time, the inside of your shoe after the fall there is only a thin white paper and fill it with white paper for gifts. Leave to dry on the balcony after their case. Meanwhile, replace the old ones with a clean, dry white papers are in order.

You can clean with the help of special whitening toothpaste that stains immediately if you have yellowish stains on your sports shoes in white.

If your sports shoes are produced using a very soft material, then you can put into the washing machine with a clean cloth bag your shoes.

The dark brown color of your shoes can be cleaned with the help of this shoe coffee grounds. Get some coffee grounds to delete it and put your shoes nicely into a clean gauze. Then thoroughly polish the shoes with a velvet cloth.


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