How to choose the right shampoo for your hair type?

How to choose the right shampoo for your hair type?

Herbal shampoos are the most healthy shampoos for all of the hair types. Other shampoos sold in the shops are almost chemical shampoos and  they include many harmful ingridients while herbal shampoos are made of natural herbs and purified water. Regular shampoos damage your hair easily.

Herbal shampoos make your hair healthy,shiny,prevent you from hair loss. You can also use herbal conditioners and serums ,if you want to protect your hair from the bad effects. And these effects can be heat,wind,rain or humidity or dirt.

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Herbal shampoos for oily hair usually include ingridients which prevent your hair from getting greasy easily ,but they keep your hair still shiny.

Herbal shampoos for dry hair keep your hair humid ,makes your healthy and shiny. Herbal shampoos for dry hair are also very good for damaged hair.

You can by herbal shampoos from the pharmacies, body shops or by shops which only sell organic products.You can also make some masks or serums by yourself. You can surf through the internet to find different recepies for your hair .You can prepare your own shampoo and conditioner. Some herbs are especially good for some hair diseases. For example aloe vera repairs your hair and makes it shiny.And nettle makes your hair healthy,strong and repairs your hair.If you continue to use herbal shampoos  you will see that your hair gets better and healtier day by day.Do not forget to let your hair cut to keep your hair healthy.

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