How the Ribbon Flowers?

How the Ribbon Flowers?

Organza ribbon, which is one type of ribbon is usually used in the construction of special flowers and decorations. Today, different models and different ideas cares about themselves and crafts techniques for improving organza made from ribbon flower motifs pique sets in, the coffee table and table linen, bed covers, in bags, all kinds of clothing, accessories, and can use many more places easily. We will show the production of flowers in this article. You can use your mind to produce flowers in all areas.

Our materials we use;

Organza ribbon,



Thread the ribbon color and lighter.

We’re fixing to burn primarily era in terms of the robustness of the ribbon ends. We begin with ribbon rope ribbon stitching in the same color. We teyelliy in cross up below. We continue to spend tacking bead needle comes up. In this way we continue to plant so that beads each peak. We interrupt a total of 7 beads ribbons create the dunes. We’re hanging crimp the last rope. We combine the two ends of the ribbon. So easy and extremely beautiful view of the flower construction work. You can use the decorations you want.

It is possible to do without using ropes wonderful flowers from organza ribbon. Briefly, let’s do one more flowers in this manner. You can choose which recipes are eligible to receive.

We cut to approximately 3 cm while the sharp end of our ribbon. Like having a needle ribbon tacking help make a thick needle. We spend about 12 holes remaining portion of the needle pointed in particular tacking throw. Needle sticking to burn the remaining stripped from the two ends of fabric back to the era of the fabric. So without a rope, we are the fabric that makes this process with his own rope. Finally, the beads can paste a middle way, if you want to give flowers to our hand.


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