How Much Do The Babies Stay Awake?

How Much Do The Babies Stay Awake?

Babies need to sleep more in first 12 months which is the most important period for their development. Therefore, they need to sleep well and do this in process for long term.


According to the specialists, from the birth till 24th months, they need to sleep as per the below chart:

0-1 Month:     19-21 hours
2- 3 Months:    16-18 hours
4- 6 Months:    15-16 hours
6-9 Months:     13.5 -16 hours
10-12 Months: 13-15 hours
13-24 Months: 13-14 hours


If your baby is not sleeping according to the above chart, you should immediately do it in order. Because above hours are the proper ones. Otherwise, you can face with some sleepless problems and discomfort problems of your babies.

If you baby sleeps less in daily time, they can sleep more in the night. Don’t think that they sleep early in the evening, and they will wake early up. It is big lie, if they sleep early in the evening, they will wake up late.


The time that they stay awake changes age by age. As long as they grow up, the time that they stay awake changes. Because, they need sleep less or more age by age.

If your baby has sleeping problems, there are two reasons for it:

  • You get them sleep before the right time
  • You missed the right sleeping time


You need to be careful about your babies’ sleeping time. Hope this article will help you about your baby care!

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