How is acne scars?

How is acne scars?

Acne many of us have marked a period of his life and ruin our morale. Some of us still can not get rid of, some of us have been in trouble with the freed from the stain of acne.

Take a few minutes everyday and you can get rid of acne scars can care. So, how is acne scars? A lot of which are designed for acne scars mask recipe.

Honey, apple cider vinegar, sugar …

A few of them, and designated as the most effective are;

How is acne scars? Dry coffee and sugar mixture comes to mind most people also mix it with a little water we have also come prepared to make it into the cream mask.

2 tablespoons dry powder coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar to make cream them, mixed with a little warm water when you apply before going to bed on your spot, you drink 15 days also you will see that they begin to die and the opening of the stain of your shade.

How is acne scars? An answer to the question would be honey mask that moisturizes your skin and apple cider vinegar tonic you do during the day.


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