How Book Covering?

How Book Covering?

Schools opened both students families wraps a different joy and excitement. The new school clothes, bags, stationery, new books, new books, all taken separately emulating and joy. Children of pot, especially given the importance of color and pattern. Tag selection according to subject a pot shop where children enjoy doing. But books and books covered pot while the choice easy, long lasting, easy on the eye and should be made of the pattern of the figure will not constitute a bad example for the children pot should be selected.

Book pot are already ready today. It can be preferred by some students and parents, but no more ready course options. Many teachers come ready against coating. Since the book is based on my personal opinion pot covered. Of course, it is another pleasure.

Enthusiastically received by books leveled the pot with what they would be nice also. We writers enthusiasm and determination separate articles. Books covered the entire family. In this article I will try to explain the practical carrying coating techniques.

The length of our book and we cut our pot size in the appropriate size. We leave from the book of the neck about 4 cm more space and share allocate the fold. In these circumstances upfront pot. Book we put the inner surface of each side of the coating process that we have started going to fold curls to remain equal shares. The book is centered in a coating process easier. We can easily spend under the pot. We close the book after you synchronize all parties. Tigers are sticking with the top and bottom bands to cover a bit off. We curls fold into the corner and sticking.

We turn to the other cover of the book and the book left off we are correcting releasing our best to take the air. We are wary of any shift. Book cover our head a little bit, we have to be covered by opening the upper and lower portions of the strapping after receiving the air for the last time. We control our hands after the correct tape fold the corners of the fold. Book coating process that’s happening has become so easy and enjoyable. Our book is ready for use after applying labels received approvingly.


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