How About Making Cute Toys with Crocheting?

How About Making Cute Toys with Crocheting?

How About Making Cute Toys with Crocheting?

Everyone understands the concept of crocheting one way or another and most of us quit because of boredom. What if you knew that there are much more interesting things out there?

Amigurumi is one of these interesting things. Amigurumi is a Japanese word, derived from the syllables ami (made with knitting needle) and amigurumi (filled toys).


What are you waiting for? Most popular amigurumi models are waiting for you!

Don’t get intimidated by the cuteness overload. It will be much easier after you get used to the amigurumi steps. You can start by watching online amigurumi videos for starters.


In most popular amigurumi models list, dolls are the number one item. Rag dolls are evolved into amigurumi dolls. Instead of buying cheap plastic dolls, why not crocheting your own doll? It would be a much more appreciated gift!


Don’t just think of girly dolls, you can crochet the characters of the most popular films and series. Recent trend is to crochet Star Wars dolls. Don’t they look adorable?

Animals will always be a classic. Most basic models for newbies are mostly the animal ones. Try these baby bunnies for a start!


If you find these examples too ordinary, you can always crochet utensils and turn them into cute characters. Especially coffee cups are very popular!

At the end, it doesn’t even matter which model you choose, you will always get excited for the next model! Most popular amigurumi models are waiting for your crafted hands to crochet them!


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